From the personal collection of Alfred Kühn

Updated 12 September 2020

Willi commented on this photo*.


The smoking destroyer on the picture is definitly NOT the Z24!

According to my sources it is it the burning and sinking Z26, after a battle with the British cruiser Trinidad on 29th of March 1942. It is taken for example from the book Verdammte See by Cajus Bekker, also in the book Zerstörer unter deutscher Flagge by Wolfgang Harnack (I met him personally in Wilhelmshaven two years ago to hand over the T24 documents).

If you want to have absolutely truth on our blog, you should correct the designation text of this photograph.


Original post

These photos are part of Alfred Kühn’s collection.

Here we see the end of the destroyer Z24* on August 24, 1944.


Here Alfred Kühn is seen in the middle with two friends. The photo was probably taken in Norway.

Here is his friend Hans Offizier who was an Obergefreiter.

He survived and was member of the 2nd company of the Bataillon Narvik  at AF Gironde Süd.  (POW – list of April 20, 1945)

We will talk about him later. He was a sailor on the destroyer Z24.

Alfred Kühn

Alfred Kühn is on the left. The other sailor is unknown.

This is Joseph Küpper. He was an Obergefreiter  (engineering troops). He is not found in the list of the POWs of Depot 184

Never seen before photo of the Z24.

Again this is Joseph Küpper.

Torpedoboot T24 probably taken from the Z24. This photo would have been taken at Brest.

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